Back pain to have nothing good.

Everyday life is a pleasure, does not it? Simplest movements become the complex performance and man will actually only remain in the “one” position, which no “backpine” prepares more.

The pain is gone, great. The pain is gone, great. The cause albums exercises but later under the surface.

Since the core contains both back and belly, we split naturally and do two muscle groups two times a day in each case 45 minutes to do well (This is also practiced the whole 6 days so). Help and corrections are self-explanatory.

You will still have the opportunity to breast-feed your knowledge after every early evening course. Because we are interested in giving you something to stop the back pain in the future. There is no useless knowledge, so ask your instructor !!!

There is also no prescribed fitness level. Your health is our degree.

Everyone is welcome.


The first day is once again marked by a relaxed journey. Stress also has a negative effect on your back. Your first full day of vacation is used to lay the foundation stone for an instructive and sportive week.

You first learn some exercises and what is most important … the right technique for it!

  • How do you breathe properly?

  • What speed is best for your muscles and joints?

  • Which radius of movement can you safely apply?

  • What little things do you have to look out for?

Each further day increases the intensity, further exercises are added and we gradually refine your technique.
Classical stabilization exercises (plank in different variations), rotation exercises, combined exercises.