BUMS TUMS & LEGS and backmuscle training The classic from the gym or the teleshopping ... Everyone knows it and has their own opinion about it ... Our sports therapist, however, has his own idea of BBP ... Strengthening and body awareness are the essential components of this 60 minute workout ... All without tools, only your [...]

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Core Training

CORE TRAINING Back pain to have nothing good. Everyday life is a pleasure, does not it? Simplest movements become the complex performance and man will actually only remain in the "one" position, which no "backpine" prepares more. The pain is gone, great. The pain is gone, great. The cause albums exercises but later under [...]

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Athletic Workout

A workout of a special kind. Intensive and with a great fun factor is the increase of your coordination skills in focus. This enables you e.g. In everyday situations, to adequately respond to external stimuli and irreversibility's, as we improve the intramuscular interactions qualitatively through the partial complex movement patterns. [...]

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